Casey Neistat Vlog Archive

On march 25, 2015, Casey Neistat started a YouTube daily video log, amazingly he delivered, not only a daily video but sometimes two videos on the same day for almost a year. I was stunned when I discover Casey vlog but I didn’t find a way to see all his videos in a chronological order, so I decided to code this page using YouTube’s API, if you want to know more about this or me, go to the page bottom.

About this: YouTube/Google provide different APIs and you can do any kind of crazy stuff with them, like getting the complete uploads video playlist from any YouTube user, but that is half of work, then you have to present the data in a way it is pleasant to view, I tried many libraries already available online, but none did what I wanted, I tried a time-line, many calendars, but nothing, then I coded a “zooming” calendar, but it didn’t work well on iOS, so following Casey’s philosophy, I keep it as simple as it can be.

About me: My Name is Rodrigo Polo, a self-taught developer and entrepreneur, you can check my coding profiles on GitHub and Stack Overflow. Progressive politics and ideas kill real entrepreneurship, yes, real socialism has been tried, and it has failed in each iteration on every country, the same with communism, both which are now rebranded as Sustainable Development by the UN and the WEF, wakeup. A walfare state always degenerates into a dictatorship, just like it did with the “pandemic”.